Why us

Benefits of building your engineering team with 11Sigma

Optimized for startups

Grow your team's flexibly

You need to move fast, and try things – we have you covered! Our services allow flexible scaling, and 1 month notice period with no minimum number of 11Sigma engineers. Start with as little as one engineer and grow as you need.

More time for building your product

Since we focus on startups we have the specific know-how to optimally help companies like yours. Building a hiring know-how, employee brand, managing a remote team, organizing retreats, and individual growth mentorship – it all takes time. Leave it to us and spend that time on building your product.

Startup-minded engineers

Our mindset-first, exceptional skills approach means each 11Sigma engineer excels technically, and has the right startup mindset to use those skills efficiently to get things done. Besides being software engineers, we are OpenSource contributors, code mentors, tech speakers, blog writers, and daring adventurers.

Deep engagement, seamless integration

In-house-like experience

11Sigma engineers integrate naturally into your company and its workflows. One of our customers said “I had experience with many external engineers but no company integrated as good as 11Sigma. Everyone treats you as in-house employees.”

Full-time focus, long-term engagements

Each engineer is dedicated full-time to your team. No focus-switching between you and other customers.  We prefer long-term-engagements over short or mid-term team augmentation so that you can treat each 11Sigma engineer as your own.

Shared know-how

No fuzzy, non-sense secrets. We help you build your team at every step of your startup’s lifetime transparently so that you can use the knowledge internally.

Your workflows & culture

We inherit your values, culture, and workflow which we reflect in all aspects of our partnership. No need to change the way you work. We will adapt to it, and can help you evolve them.

Efficient remote teams

Increase your productivity

Our engineers stay productive despite the time-zone differences and long distance. As a 100% remote company we don’t have offices which allows us to scale your team with global talents much faster.

Excellent communication skills

Flawless written and spoken communication skills are pillars of our quality. 11Sigma engineers are professional remote workers with years of experience working in such a fashion.

Asynchronous work done right

At least 4 hours overlap means we are available for daily syncs, and that your workflow is undisturbed. With or without the overlap, though, our engineers work efficiently.

Motivated and engaged team

We conduct regular mentoring check-ins, growth development sessions, onsite events, and online activities to ensure your 11Sigma crew stays motivated, organized, productive, and sociable.