How it works

We build and support incredible engineering teams. Learn about the ingredients of our "secret-sauce".


Tell Us
About You

Schedule a free consultation to talk about the problems you’re trying to solve. We will suggest a solution.



We prepare a dedicated hiring process for you and present several candidate profiles in 2-3 weeks.


Continuous Growth

We support your 11Sigma crew’s self-growth through our 10x-self mentorship, learning opportunities, and motivating activities.



While blending into your company, we organize engaging events such as retreats for your in-house and 11Sigma engineers. Work together, play together!


First, let's meet


Your product

We'd love to learn about the things you build. Let us know what you do and what problems your product solves. Are there any particular business domain skills required? Is the project in the MVP stage, or have you already found a product-market fit?


Your team

All startups know that a team is one of the most critical factors for business success. That's why we'd love to learn about who you are and meet your crew. Learning about your work style and company culture will help us prepare better for the partnership.


Your need

Let's discuss the best ways to help and identify the solution tailored to your particular case. "Who", "what", "when", and "how much" are the most common questions at this stage. We specialize in team extension that focuses on building teams.


Second, let's find exceptional people


Dedicated pipeline

We build a dedicated hiring process that follows the "mindset-first, exceptional skills" approach. We tailor it to your domain's specific needs (skillset, experience) and your company culture (values). Interviewing is performed by qualified engineers so that we can assure the outstanding technical skills of the candidates.


Technical interviews

We prepare, conduct, and assess programming challenges. We maintain exceptionally high standards and judge both technical knowledge as well as problem-solving skills. Instead of asking to solve abstract puzzles, we challenge candidates with practical problems that they might have to solve at work.


Mindset assessment

"Startup-mindedness" is one of the main qualities we evaluate. Our hiring process goes much further than solely assessing technical skills. In fact, mere technical skills do not guarantee someone passes our tests. We use video conversations, written communication, and practical tests to verify ten different personal qualities that indicate a match.


Employee brand

Our philosophy of attracting the best engineers is simple. Build an epic company culture that puts people in the center, not revenue or sales. We are a value-based brand that provides incredible work/life experience. That investment helps us to provide you with better engineers faster.


360 profiles

We screen and interview hundreds of engineers for each position. At the end of each process, we deliver about 3% best candidates for you to review. Each candidate we suggest comes with a complete interview history profile: test results, video calls, CV, email transcripts, and a summary highlighting key strengths.



Once you vote for hire and we sort out the paperwork, it's time to set the new team member up for success! We invite each person we hire to one of our locations for 1-2 weeks of on-site onboarding. It creates an amazing opportunity to meet, introduce to the project, have fun, and start building a relationship.


Third, be more exceptional



We support our engineers' growth through dedicated mentorship. That means regular, objective-oriented coaching sessions that help our folks set, plan, and achieve goals. We focus on their self-development and motivate them to be great at things that drive and inspire them so that our clients always work with the best people possible.



As a fully remote company, we make sure to check-in with our engineers regularly. Whether it's a company-wide retreat in a lakeside resort or a conference get-together in Barcelona, we make sure it's epic and memorable. All that so that we stay energized, connected, and engaged.



Investing in our engineers is a top-of-mind for us. We make every penny count by providing your 11Sigma crew with productivity-boosting budgets, welcome packs, and lots of other extras.


Fourth, deep integration


Full-time engagement

"It doesn't even feel like an external company. Everyone treats 11Sigma crew like in-house employees" - if you say that, it means we delivered our "deep integration" promise. Our engineers are fully dedicated to your company. We don't assign them to other tasks to immerse and focus fully.


Common events

To be united means to build a relationship. Is there a better way to achieve it than to meet, chat, and do stuff together? We use every opportunity to meet and hang out: conferences, retreats (that we organize), meetups, visits to your location - anything that makes us connected!


Transparency & Unity

The processes and standards we build are shared and fully transparent. Use anything we learned to improve your internet hiring and team management. We align with you so that any 11Sigma engineer joining the team meets your teams' expectations. That avoids the "hey, they went through a different process than we did, that's unfair!" moments.

11Sigma has a very good interview process. They involved the right people at Stoplight and coordinated it to get things done.​
Harrison Yeager
Head of Operations, Stoplight