11Sigma Partners Network

Join other startups and tech companies in the network to boost your remote engineering

Partners Benefits

Why join 11Sigma Network

Exclusive, priority access to 11Sigma Qualified Engineers

Get access to exceptional engineers exclusively. Only verified members of our network are eligible to hire 11Sigma engineers.

It's free

You don't pay for being a member. We design your bespoke hiring, search, interview and share engineer's profiles for free. You pay only for who you hire.

Engineering accelerator

We specialize in providing remote engineers to startups and tech companies so that you can execute your ideas faster.

Who is it for

11Sigma Partners Network is designed for tech companies that rely heavily on engineering to be successful.

Whether your company is a tech startup, digital agency, a software house, or all you have is the idea, we can help you build, grow, and support your team.

Our engineers specialize in TypeScript, JavaScript, and Node.js. We extend teams with backend, frontend, and full-stack engineers.

Tech Startups

Software Agencies

Two-Way Quality Promise

Great companies need great people, and great people want to work at great companies. In order to deliver the best experience to both sides, we commit to keeping our standards high and ensuring quality on each side.

Top Experts

Candidates who apply to become 11Sigma go through a challenging, multi-step vetting process that assesses both their technical proficiency as well as mindset.

Besides our standard vetting process, each partner we work with receives their own dedicated pipeline that assures an extra quality and candidate match. It includes values check, culture check, domain knowledge-check, personality skills, etc.

We don’t make compromises in order to gain speed and community size.

Our promise to partners is to find exceptional, best-matched engineers.

Top Companies

Assuring that our engineers work with the best companies is our top priority. 

Therefore, we assess each partner carefully for culture, finance, management, and product and it’s why we keep a limited network capacity.

A top company doesn’t necessarily mean a big one or one with the highest salaries but it certainly means one with the outstanding work culture.

Our promise to engineers in the 11Sigma community is to assure the best remote work opportunities.

How to qualify to 11Sigma Network

Our partner verification process assumes you meet certain work standards. Besides offline research, we perform online interviews with your management to get to know you better. The below is a list of some criteria we assess.

Is your work environment healthy and supportive (for example, we don’t support systematic weekend work or repeatedly forcing over-hours work, we consider that a toxic practice).

We would like to know your product and projects better. What technical challenges are you solving, how do you organize your work, what stack do you use. Is your project scope limited to a time-frame or are you looking for someone to join indefinitely.

We would like to meet your managers personally before engaging. Ideally, we will want to e-meet your CEO, CTO, Director of Engineering and team leaders.

We specialize in providing engineers that work remotely. Before a partner qualifies, we will want to learn about their remote work culture.

11Sigma Work Standards

When hiring 11Sigma engineer you agree to meet the following standards.

Work-life balance

No work on weekends, uninterrupted holidays and vacations, healthy working hours unless agreed on by engineer explicitly and paid 2x. All 11Sigma engineers are eligible to take 15 days off paid vacation as well as all public polish holidays.

Occasional retreats

We organize on-site events for our engineers. We get together in some cool place to re-energize and stay connected.

First-class citizens

Besides the paperwork, 11Sigma engineers will become the core part of your company. That means engaging in your organization's events and life.

1 day / month

All of 11Sigma engineers are eligible to create content one day a month. We publish it on our blog and permit you to republish it on your marketing channels.​


11Sigma engineers meet with their mentor bi-weekly for a ~1h video session to discuss their growth-related matters.


You are free to share marketing news about your collaboration with 11Sigma and we expect the same. Marketing NDAs are not preferred.

Engage your way, on-demand

You can choose one of three models depending on which suits you best.

11Sigma Team Immersion

This is our most feature-rich service, including all 11Sigma benefits such as bespoke hiring process, technical interviews, team’s self-development support, team’s events (annual retreats, conferences, etc).

It’s designed for a long-term partnership. Our engineers integrate fully into our partner’s team in an employee-like manner.

This model is based on a fixed monthly fee added to the engineer’s remuneration. It assumes full-time employment with one month’s notice period.

We hire fully remotely from all over Europe (Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Russia, to name a few) and the world (Brazil, Argentina, etc).

11Sigma Team Boost

Similar to 11Sigma Team Immersion but designed for shorter, fixed periods. The fee is also added monthly but the rate varies depending on the duration of the project.

11Sigma Qualified Engineer Referral

We constantly interview and vet engineers building a growing community of 11Sigma Qualified Engineers. Our partners get priority access to engineers that are currently available to hire.

This option is a “one-time payment” and, contrary to the other two, does not include additional benefits. Engineers hired this way become your direct employees.

Join the Network

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