Remote teams for tech companies

A remote lifestyle community of startup-minded software engineers ready to join your venture

Let's build together!

What we do

We provide world-class software engineers to your team.

Your partner in engineering a product

We believe in tech partnerships over offshoring, dev shops, and standard team extension models.

We seamlesly become an internal part of your company, and build an exceptional engineering team with you.

Remote lifestyle

We are a 100% remote company with years of experience managing and engineering remotely.

We are masters in remote work and remote lifestyle authoring and applying the best remote-work practices.

Our engineers come from all corners of the world. They are remote work veterans, digital nomands, and startup-minded explorers.

Stoplight's Partner is a USA startup building API Design tools.

We've been their engineering partner since 2018, and so far provided a team of 8 engineers who stay among top contributors from day one.

Our Toolbelt

  • OpenAPI

  • JSON Schema

  • GraphQL

  • Apollo

  • AsyncAPI

  • gRPC

  • Protobuf

  • TypeScript

  • JavaScript

  • .NET Core

  • Docker

  • CircleCI

  • Azure

  • Node.js

  • React

  • Electron

  • Angular

  • Next.js

  • Jest

  • Codecept

  • TestRail

  • PostgreSQL

  • MobX

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