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Who we are

We are a remote-first team of software engineers, tech leaders, and OpenSource contributors.
We build API tools at Stoplight and help companies deliver great APIs.

What we do

API Design

Building an API without designs is like building a sandcastle. Quick and fun but crumbles the next day.

We design easy to use, scalable, well documented OpenAPI specifications that grow with your business. Design first and don't let your APIs crumble!

API Implementation

Building API as a Product or internal API but currently short on engineers with hands-on API experience? Our team of API and backend experts gets the job done.

We make CI/CD, API Testing and API Monitoring your development standard so that you can avoid wasting time on stability and quality issues.

API Documentation

If APIs built without designs are like sandcastles, APIs without documentation are like Swedish furniture without a manual. Upside down tables and lots of leftover screws.

Let documentation improve your API adoption and close the communication gap between engineers, product managers, and your users.

API Training

Digital Transformation is not about replacing humans with AI. It's about creating successful businesses where people thrive supported by technology.

Education is key in modern workplaces but it's so easy to fall behind in the economy with the exponential growth of knowledge. We provide training, courses, and lectures so that you can stay on top of it all.

Our Culture


We believe in personal freedom and autonomy. 100% remote company is our promise.

10x Self

We believe "self development" is not just a fad but a way of living a creative, meaningful and balanced life. Enabling the team to grow, stay excited and have fun is our mission.


Jakub Jankowski
Software Engineer
Jakub Rożek
Software Engineer
Karol Maciaszek
Co-founder, Software Engineer
Krzysztof (Chris) Miaskowski
CEO, Tech Team Lead
Marcell Tóth
Software Engineer
Michał Miaskowski

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