Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team Extension?

Technically, it means we rent your our engineers. However, the way we do it is different than what most companies mean by team extension. For example, we do not rent our engineers to several companies at a time. We maintain a deep integration so that our engineers are like your in-house employees.

Who decides about the hire?

The final call is yours. We make sure that, out of hundreds of candidates, you receive the top best matches. You will hear what we think about the potential hires, but you and your team decide.

What your engineers specialize in?

Our engineers specialize in web application development. The main languages we use are TypeScript and JavaScript. However, we use any technology that gets the job done.

Who is a direct 11Sigma's engineer manager?

Your managers are. While, technically, we are our engineer's "bosses" you manage their day-to-day work. Some 11Sigma engineers are team leaders and can lead your internal teams. For most of the time, you can think about your 11Sigma engineers like in-house employees.

Who manages 11Sigma engineers?

Their managers or team leaders 🙂 It might be that it's either someone from your team or someone from the 11Sigma crew. It should not matter.

Are you a hiring agency?

No. Hiring agencies hire and their role ends here. We sign contracts with our employees and associates and support them. Actually, the fan part of working with us starts when HR agencies typically end their job 🙂

What hours are you available 11Sigma engineers available?​

That's something to discuss with individual engineers. Most of us work in the CET timezone but we are flexible.

Can you visit us in country X?

I don't see why not 🙂

Once we hire an engineer, will you support us somehow?

We will. Our executive team will have regular check-ins with you so that we can stay in sync.

Are you a dev shop?

No. We don't provide services that are usually described as dev shop. For example, we don't hire product managers nor we deliver projects. We provide vetted engineers that integrate into your company

How does Team Extension work in practice?

It simply means that you organize your engineers' work. For example, we don't tell our engineers when to work or what to work on. You are in charge of that. You're also in charge of managing them within your teams.

Are you a software house?

No, software houses deliver projects. We deliver people and support their growth, as well as their productivity in a remote-work context.

How do you assure the quality of hires?

Each engineer we hire goes through a challenging, multi-step interview process. Everyone that joins is vetted by an experienced software engineer and must pass our personality quality standards.

What if I'm not happy with my 11Sigma crew?

We believe that each engineer in your team should go through the same procedures. Whatever steps you'd take for your in-house employees should make sense for your 11Sigma crew. Raise a case to our management team and we will sort out the best way forward.

Will you assign my 11Sigma engineers to other projects?


Will 11Sigma engineers pass the same standards all my internal employees do?

Yes! That's the point! We want to synchronize your hiring processes with ours so that each person on your team meets the same standards.

How do you manage salary evaluation?

Please tell us what you think about your 11Sigma crew performance. If you think they deserve a raise, dedicate a budget and we will take care of actually bumping the engineer's salary. Note that because the margin is transparent for your executive team you know exactly how much each person earns.

Can 11Sigma engineers become in-house employees?

We can certainly talk about it you think it makes sense for some reason.

We are no longer an early-stage startup. Will you continue to provide services?

Of course! The nature of our collaboration and the values we provide will evaluate as you grow but we don't plan to leave you once you reach, say, series D 😉