Providing motivated engineers to early-stage startups

We extend your team with remote web-technology experts.

TypeScript Engineers

If you are looking for software developers that build complex, modern web applications, you are in the right place.

We provide TypeScript and JavaScript engineers. Whether you need full-stack, back-end, or front-end developers, we've got your back.


Great teams flourish when excellent leaders and a common goal unite them.

We augment your team with vetted leaders and managers battle-tested in startup environments.

Quality Engineers

Delight your clients with outstanding product quality.

We deliver Software Developers in Test that use modern techniques and frameworks to ensure spotless software.

What they say about us​

"11Sigma extended our team with very productive and highly motivated engineers. They are smart people who get the job done."​
Marc MacLeod​
Founder, Stoplight
"They continuously look for ways to optimize processes and best integrate into new or existing workflows."​
Scott Faust​
Head of Growth, Stoplight​

Engineers that integrate seamlessly

Because 11Sigma engineers don’t switch between customers, they blend in naturally into your company and its workflows, just like your in-house employees.

Remote work that works​

With at least 4 hours overlap and our experience running distributed teams, you can forget about the typical remote-work challenges.

Startup-minded engineers​

Our mindset-first, exceptional skills approach means each 11Sigma engineer excels technically and has the right startup mindset to efficiently use those skills to get things done.

Focused on startups​

On-demand scaling, simple pricing, practical terms – all you need to grow fast and get the job done. We focus solely on startups and apply our startup experience to get you exactly what you need.


Tell Us
About You

Schedule a free consultation to talk about the problems you’re trying to solve. We will suggest a solution.



We prepare a dedicated hiring process for you and present several candidate profiles in 2-3 weeks.


Continuous Growth

We support your 11Sigma crew’s self-growth through our 10x-self mentorship, learning opportunities, and motivating activities.



While blending into your company, we organize engaging events such as retreats for your in-house and 11Sigma engineers. Work together, play together!

Growth is in our DNA

Self-development support

We support 11Sigma engineers' personal development through mentorship sessions and activities that help them grow. Whether they want to master a new FrontEnd framework or ride a bike across Europe, we support their goals!

Work and life, balanced

A happy team means higher engagement, increased productivity, and a stronger bond. We maintain your 11Sigma crew’s wellbeing in Europe even if you have no presence here. Kayaking, off-roads, conference trips, spontaneous catch-ups in seaside resorts - all fun activities that keep us connected!

A boutique team extension

Unlike some other services, we don’t “hire and forget”. Each piece of our collaboration is a bespoke design. Your team is included in every process from day one so that every aspect of the partnership is crystal-clear.

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No Office

We believe that doing a great job does not require a fancy location. Give us a laptop and an internet connection and "we can move mountains"!


Because we are all distributed and work in different parts of the world, we always think in a "remote-first" manner. It allows us to build a culture and adapt the best practices that make us feel connected even when we are 5551 miles away.

Remote Lifestyle

Remote means freedom of choice and an opportunity to explore. Besides writing exceptional code, 11Sigma folks climb mountain peaks, sail seas, play music, dive lakes, teach AI, pilot planes, are passionate photographers, travelers, OpenSource contributors.