What we do

10x your engineering with world's top talents

We provide world-class, startup-minded software engineers that integrate seamlessly with your team and company.

We specialize in Web Apps, AI, APIs, TypeScript, JavaScript, NodeJS. Our engineers build everything from backends and libraries to complex front-end applications such as API Design tool we build with Stoplight.

Backend Engineers

TypeScript, NodeJS, GraphQL, Postgres, ExpressJS, Kubernetes, OAuth - we know all you need to build a solid foundation for your product.

Frontend Engineers

Great products need a jaw dropping, high performing UIs. React, Vue, Angular, NextJS and Electron are just some of the tools we use to build delightful apps.

Quality Engineers

Our quality engineers can work in the "Move Fast and Destroy Things" mode as well build sustainable processes when you need to get things under control.

Team Leaders

With experience in leading teams of exceptional individuals distributed across oceans we will help you make remote work as natural as breathing.

Team Immersion

We blend into your team and become an integral part of your company.

A dedicated team inherits your workflows and culture while adding a unique 11Sigma flavor.

This engagement means: no project-switching between clients, a dedicated hiring process aligned with your unique values, common standards, joint events in cool venues and lots of other goodness!

What makes us unique


Our company and team is 100% remote and distributed. We have years of experience working remotely and know how to do it well.

Scalable Model

Start small with even one person on board & hire for as long as you wish. Each contract has 1 month notice period - simple as that.


Our 'navy seal' hiring process is adjusted to your unique needs. Only 3% best candidates pass to final stages and each hire goes through a monthly onsite onboarding.

Startup Focus

Our distinct know-how and experience in working with startups allow us to know exactly what type of engineers they need to push things forward.


We have a mentoring programme promoting 11Sigma enigneers' self-growth and self-branding in tech and beyond.

Team Immersion

Our original engagement model that focuses on embedding enigneers in your company so that they feel natural part of your team not a 'soldier-of-fortune'.

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