Engineering amazing API Design tools together since late 2018

  • Marc MacLeod, CEO

    11Sigma extended our team with very productive and highly motivated engineers. They are smart people who get the job done, whatever you throw at them. It has been a pleasure working with them!

  • Scott Faust, Head of Growth

    It’s a pleasure working with 11Sigma! They are a team of high producing engineers who communicate well. They continuously look for ways to optimize processes and best integrate into new or existing workflows.


Our engineers contribute to all core products at Stoplight and stay on top of the Pull Requests or Reviews leaderboards.

Selected contributions

Studio is an application for API design, modeling, and technical writing. It is also technically the most advanced project in Stoplight. 4/5 talents in Studio's team are engineers supplied by 11Sigma. We have contributed to almost all parts of the Studio. This fact makes us super-proud!

Prism is the best HTTP mocking tool available on the market. We've built the core prism logic: detailed request decomposition, internal decision tree and finally generation of mocked response. While Prism is known and widely used product we still keep on improving it with features like OpenAPI 3's callbacks support or ability to load Postman Collections.

API Design Management Platform is a central gear in Stoplight's ecosystem. It makes it possible to manage API designs and documentation at scale. Our contributions include integrations with Git/Authentication providers, request-maker component and tons of smaller features and fixes.


Stoplight have been impressed with our hiring process and how smoothly it integrated into their flow. All our hiring campaigns resulted with providing our client with talents with precisely defined technical and social skills.

  • Top 2-3 selected talents were presented to Stoplight each time.
  • Robust 360-profile was provided for each candidate to quickly provide key information and summary of observations made during 11Sigma's process
  • Just a few hours is the time spent by Stoplight on each hired engineer. That allowed the team to focus on product and engineering instead of spending lots of time interviewing.
  • 3% is our pass-rate after processing around 100 candidates on each hiring campaign

Quality Assurance

Setting the QA in a fast-paced environment was a great challenge. The team led by our engineer has designed from scratch a lightweight and flexible process which turned to be a great success.

Key QA achievements:

  • we set up the entire QA process from scratch
  • prevented many critical production regression
  • automated e2e testing
  • achieved on-time releases
  • continuous-integration
  • nearly 100% manual test coverage
  • hired a manual QA trainee and trained for an automation engineer
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