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11Sigma engineers are driven by the need to learn and discover. Open-minded generalists when it comes to approaching problems and unrivaled experts when applying a solution.

Daring adventurers,  digital nomads, pilots, rock climbers -  we are led by a burning curiosity and passion to go above and beyond in our lives and craft.

We apply our natural excitement and energy to create an first-rate software products that no one ventured to build before.

We are


11Sigma engineers use every opportunity to share and leave a mark: contributing to OpenSource projects, code mentoring, blogging or spreading the knowledge on conferences. ​

For us, to be able to explain something means to truly understand it, and doing something for others is highest level of self-development.

We are

Software Development Experts

11Sigma engineers are highly motivated experts specializing in technologies and standards such as TypeScript, React, NodeJS, ML, OpenAPI, JSON Schema, REST, and GraphQL​.

Meet the team

  • CEO

    Superpower: can see an opportunity in every situation. Can wear many hats and self-teach skills from different domains.

    Driven by: the natural curiosity of life and the passion to learn.

    Chris Miąskowski
  • COO

    Superpower: a quintesence of an engineer! Can build anything ranging from wide area networks to a DIY summer house. Dives down to 30m underwater :)

    Driven by: the true passion to build things and heavy-metal!

    Karol Maciaszek
  • Engineer

    Superpower: my ability to try and do multiple things that may be far from each other in terms of their concept or background. Can fly gliders!

    Biggest adventure: climbing over 5000 m high mount Kazbek in Georgia.

    Jakub Jankowski
  • Engineer

    Superpower: is a code magician and energy drink alchemist!

    Biggest adventure: riding a bike off-road through the jungle.

    Driven by: context switching & energy drinks.

    Jakub Rożek
  • Engineer

    Superpower: can tell hexadecimal RGB codes of colors he sees. Got a pilot license at age of 18!

    Biggest dream: to travel to the edge of space and see the world from there.

    Marcell Tóth
  • QA

    Superpower: can learn how to play almost any instrument in short period of time (except for brass instruments).

    Biggest contribution: work on the development of a drug against Multiple Scleroris

    Michał Miąskowski
  • Engineer

    Superpower: can read JavaScript specification and actually understand it.

    Biggest adventure: too many of them. From visiting surfer beaches of Canary Islands, to strolling around Moscow's red square.

    Mateusz Podlasin
  • Engineer

    Superpower: loves complex problems and finding simplest solutions for them.

    Driven by: desire to help people and to win tennis matches

    Domagoj Kriskovic
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