is the only way forward


Here are some of our essentials you get from us to keep your explorations fueled


  • Work from anywhere

  • Unique retreats

  • Conferences

  • Dedicated mentor

  • Welcome pack

10x-self budget

3000 PLN / year
  • Coworking

  • Home-office equipment

  • Books & courses

Explorer budget

3000 PLN / year
  • Travel & adventure budget

  • Co-working card

  • GoPro or a drone

Hiring process

  • 1

    CV screening

    Once you apply for the job we will screen your CV very carefully. Make sure it's high-quality since this is the first impression you make. Based on your CV we'll initially judge if you have the matching experience, skills and qualities to join the team for a particular position.

  • 2

    Home project

    About 50% of applications get to this stage. If you seem to fit the role we will send you a problem to solve at your own pace. Don't worry, thought, it won't be some abstract CRUD application - we try to make each project fun and relevant to the job.

  • 3

    Reverse cover-letter

    Only about 10% get here. In this stage we will ask you some questions relevant to the position via an e-mail. This will test your ability to communicate and further test your technical and culture fit.

  • 4

    Live interview

    5% of people will be invited to the live video-interview. This interview covers technical, culture and general problem questions. During this stage you will also be asked to solve a coding challenge.

  • 5

    USA team interview

    If you are one of the 3% you will get to know the USA team where you will have a chance to meet your potential future team mates. This is more of a free-form interview but expect to hear some technical and team-fit questions.

  • 6


    You nailed it! Getting and offer means you showed exceptional technical skills and interpersonal skills. We are excited to invite you to our team and make you an offer!

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